Advanced Laboratory Testing Ltd (ALT) -Merieux Nutrisciences (MXNS) announces new accreditations in Microbiology, Veterinary Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry. – 27th January 2020

ALT-MXNS, based in Newbridge and Naas Co. Kildare is pleased to announce new accreditations in Microbiology, Veterinary Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry. These new testing services will further enhance the service levels which ALT -MXNS currently provide and will also further improve and reduce turnaround times.

These new accreditations include:


Detection of Antibiotic Residues using the 6 Plate Test.

Further accreditations in key pathogens including Salmonella, STEC and Cronobacter.

Yeasts and Moulds

Veterinary Chemistry: 

Quantification of Beta-Agonists and Trenbolone using LC/MS/MS

Billy Coleman, Managing Director of ALT-MXNS said today ‘These new testing services further broaden the range and profile of testing services that can now be offered inhouse to our customers on the island of Ireland. We are particularly excited with our new rapid Microbiology accreditations in Yeast and Moulds which will result in a substantial reduction in turnaround for this test (down to 3 days from 5) which will of particular interest to the Food Industry as a whole. We are also delighted to announce our first Veterinary Chemistry accreditations using LCMS technology. The LOD’s which we can now meet in this field should be a tremendous boost to the Beef industry in Ireland in particular as they continue to enter new export markets globally. These are our first new accreditations since teaming up with Merieux Nutrisciences in 2019 and we look forward to further co-operation with them as we continue to offer more and more laboratory services in-house on the island’.